Fumetti Dc Comics


Two of my favorite covers from the DC books being released in December. I don’t know if that means I’m extra twisted or not but these two pretty damned bleak and gloomy images are also two of the best pieces of art I’ve seen on the DC covers yet.

My favorite covers tend to be the ones that you see more and more detail the longer you look. With Demon Knights #4 (by Mike Choi) I was so drawn in by the drama of what’s happening in the foreground that I failed to even notice the haunting face in the clouds. (Which I now can’t unsee and keep staring at.) But aside for that subtle and uber creepy detail, the rest of the cover is just amazing.

The way Shining Knight (Sir Justin) is falling back captures such a sense of motion. The way she’s gripping at the sword, you could think she’s just about to pull it out and slay her enemies with it… or is about to fall on the battlefield for good. (Considering Justin/Ystina is a character I’ve only begun to learn about thanks to “Demon Knights”, I certainly hope it’s the former.) Also… that bird is freaking me out a little. And I love the tall grass she’s kneeling in. It’s one woman in a field… and it’s an epic image.

Hawkman isn’t even a book I get myself. (Although my roommate is going to be picking it up, so I look forward to trying it out.) But this cover to The Savage Hawkman #4 (by Philip Tan) definitely caught my eye when I was looking at the December solicits and I just kept coming back to it.

It’s the layout. The image, of course, is disturbing and gory but it’s all about the layout. I don’t think the image would be nearly as creepy to me if Hawkman (Carter Hall) was front and center (even if he was still in the same state). The fact that he’s shoved off to the side just increases the sense of wrongness about what I’m looking at. Instead of him, it’s the bloody eye of the Statue of Liberty that’s the immediate focus. Then my eye panned to the left to focus on Hawkman.

Sometimes it’s not just beautiful things that can make for beautiful art. I love both these covers.